Services Available

Our new & highly experience team is bringing a group of specialist doctors from Melbourne, to add to our already highly experienced team of GP’s & nurses allowing us to provide high quality specialist care to the Wallan and surrounding community, enhancing our over 30 years of general practice to provide an end to end level of care.

In addition to this we are also now offering the following clinics:

  • Diabetics clinic for the “end to end” management of Diabetic patients including an Endocrinologist.
  • Skin Clinic providing services to ensure all skin conditions and moles etc. are safely managed.
  • “Well Woman” and a “Well Man” clinic. Providing a full 45 minute consultation.

Whilst we are enhancing the clinic with more services, our existing and highly experienced team of GP’s and Nurses can provide care in all areas of General Practice including:



Family planning

Pap smears

Pregnancy tests

Ante-natal care

Obstetrics / Delivery

ECG: heart check; Blood tests

Vaccination: children and travel

Minor surgery: stitching cuts, removal of lesions

Liquid nitrogen ‘freezing’ therapy

Vasectomy, Hormone implants

Spinal manipulation

Weight control

Nutrition advice

Pre Employment Medicals

Drug and alcohol counselling


Specialist psychologist