Having to travel to Melbourne to visit Specialist doctors is often frustrating, time consuming and for those chronically ill can be very distressing. We are providing the following specialists directly in our clinic:

General Physician & Geriatricain

General Physician and Geriatrician
Owner & Principal Doctor

We are proud to inform that Dr Mya Tun is now a fully qualified Physician in General Medicine (General Physician) and also as an Aged Care Specialist (Geriatrician).

Dr Mya will be working at Wallan Medical & Specialist Centre working Mon, Wed, Friday and Sundays.

What is a General Physician?    In simple terms, a general Physician is a general doctor who has completed at least six additional years of training in a medical specialisation, after their basic medical degree and internship.  General Physicians specialise in patients with multiple complex illnesses who need higher levels of care than normal.

What is a Geriatrician? A geriatrician is a doctor who has completed specialist training in the care of older adults above 65. Older adults often have more complex health care needs than younger adults, This means geriatricians look at the whole person across medical, functional, cognitive, nutritional and social domains. This holistic assessment allows development of a management plan based on that person’s values and goals. This is also important because no two 80 year olds have had identical life experiences – due to life events and some lifestyle choices, people can have a vastly different health status at the same age.

Respiratory Physician

Dr Hamna Sahi MBBS, FRACP

Dr Hamna Sahi is an Australian based Health professional. She has completed her specialist training at Peninsula Health, Eastern Health and Monash Health during her training and acquired a Fellowship in Respiratory Medicine with The Royal Australasian College of Physicians the in 2016.

Dr Sahi is an active member of The Royal Australasian College of Physicians in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand and European Respiratory Society member.

Her main specialty interests are asthma, COPD, interstitial lung disease, respiratory infections, bronchiectasis, chronic cough and lung mass diagnostics including imaging modalities and bronchoscopy. He other interests include perioperative assessment and care.

In research she recieved College accreditation on exploring the nexus between pulmonary emphysema in cystic fibrosis detected by lung densitometry on low dose computed tomography (CT) of chest at Monash Health 2014. She also contributed to research projects focusing on quality of life of patients on home based ventilatory support at Austin Health 2013.

Orthopaedic and Upper Limb Surgeon

Mr Richard Pennington
BSc(Hons), MBBS, FRCSEd (Tr & Orth), FRACS, FAOrthA

Richard is an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in upper limb conditions from the shoulder to thte hand, as well as knee injuries and arthritis.

Richard operates at North Park Private Hospital as well as in the public at both Northern and Eastern Health.

Richard strongly believes that all treatment, both operative and non-operative, should be focused on evidence based medicine. He works closely and collaboratively with allied health professionals to optimise patient outcomes from initial consultation to full recovery.

Specialising in the management of:
Rotator cuff problems
Shoulder instability
Shoulder arthritis
Elbow and wrist arthritis
Carpal tunnel and nerve compression syndromes
Dupuytren’s Disease
Sports injuries and hamstring problems
Orthopaedic trauma
Knee arthritis and knee injuries.

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist


Dr. Latika Cilly provides patient-focused specialist care in women’s health. Having had extensive experience in diagnosis and management of a variety of women’s health issues across all age groups, Dr. Latika Cilly is well equipped with providing a range of treatment options for problems such as abnormal uterine bleeding, contraception, sub-fertility and menopause to name a few. Dr. Latika Cilly has had the opportunity to work across continents such as Asia, UK and Australia and have seen varied pathology in these geographies. Dr. Latika Cilly is fluent in five languages and can provide consultation in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi and Tamil.

Her areas of interest are high risk obstetrics and minimal invasive surgery. She also specialises in management of abnormal PAP Smears, Colposcopy and Prolapse.

Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine

Dr. Yasmin Sheikh MBBS, FRACP

Dr. Sheikh is currently working as a Geriatrician in public and private sector. She undertook her physician’s specialty training at Royal Melbourne and Western Health. She has special interest in Cognition / Dementia and Continence. In addition to providing care for older people with complex problems in the community, Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and management of geriatric syndromes.

Endocrinologist and Diabetes Physician

Dr Mark Ng FRACP, MBBS, BMedSc

Dr Mark Ng, consultant endocrinologist is pleased to announce commencement of private practice at Wallan.  He currently consults at Northpark Private hospital and the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne and is Endocrinologist at the Austin Hospital


Dr Jasmine Grewal MBChB, FRACP


  • Cardiology Consultation
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Transthoracic Echocardiogram (TTE)
  • Stress Echocardiogram
  • 24 hour Holter monitor
  • 24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
  • (Free – No Charge)
  • Transoesophageal Echocardiogram (TOE)
  • Cardiac CT and Cardiac MRI


Dr Rachel Cooke BSc (Med Sci) Hons, MBChB, FRACP, FRCP

Available Wednesdays

Proficient in managing patients with malignant conditions including chronic leukemia and lymphoma, as well as non-malignant conditions such as blood clots, bleeding disorders and anaemia.


Dr Dilantha De Alwis MB ChB, FRACP

Available Wednesdays
Specialising in Diabetic care, Weight Management, Osteoporosis management, Thyroid, Pituitary, Adrenal disorders and Gestational Diabetic.

Consultant and Organisational Pyschologist

Rebecca Thomas
BApplSc (Psych)(Hons),MPsych(Org)

Rebecca is an experienced, medicare and NDIS registered psychologist with a passion for promoting health and wellbeing.

Rebecca has worked with a diverse range of clients, both adolescents and adults. Rebecca has experience in the treatment of anxiety disorders (eg: social anxiety, generalised anxiety and panic disorder), depression and other mood disorders (eg bipolar disorder) personality disorders (eg: borderline, avoidant and antisocial), substance use disorders (drugs and alcohol), adjustment disorders, major life transitions, work related stress, relationship difficulties and workplace bullying. Additionally Rebecca provides career assessment, coaching and developmental coaching for individuals pursing their personal and professional goals.