Are Probiotics able to improve your mood?

We all know that healthy eating habits are important for our physical health. Researchers are investigating whether Probiotics, live bacteria that is safe to eat, can improve your mood and gastrointestinal health.

Probiotics are good organisms we believe are good for our health. But are they effective?

Probiotics have potential benefits

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found naturally in foods such as yogurt and kimchi. Probiotics are also available as powder or pills. Probiotics can improve digestion and are often used to treat bloating or diarrhea.

Many positive effects can be had by probiotics on the body.

  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Antimicrobial substances are made
  • Fermenting fiber from the diet to produce nutrients for our cells that line the intestines

Researchers are now finding evidence indicating that bacteria’s effects on the GI system send signals to central nervous system. This links the gut and brain. This could explain some of the known connections between GI disorders and mental illness. People with irritable bowel syndrome are more likely to develop anxiety and depression than the average.

Probiotics could also improve GI health and boost emotions. Probiotics and mood are not well understood.

Experts have found that certain foods seem to improve mood. Just think about the comfort foods we reach out for when we feel low. This could be due to a behavioral or mental association. It’s possible that the brain associates eating this food with pleasant or comforting memories, rather than bacterial reactions to it.

It’s tempting to believe that probiotic use can affect mood. However, more research is required. We don’t yet have enough evidence to prove that probiotics can help with anxiety or depression. This is a very appealing theory. However, we still need to do more research.

Take Care of Your Probiotics

Probiotics are not consistent. Consumers aren’t always sure what they are getting. The FDA considers probiotics food supplements and not drugs. We don’t have much regulation on how they are made, or whether they actually contain the claimed amount.

The most common probiotic strains used in the United States are Lactobacillus, and Bifidobacterium. However, there are many other probiotic products available that may contain different types and amounts of bacteria. One batch may be different than another because there is no regulation.

There is no way to tell if the probiotics are still active after you have bought it off the shelf. Each person’s gut may contain different types or numbers of bacteria. The probiotic that works well for one person may not work for another.

How to Take a Probiotic

It appears that most probiotic strains may be harmless. Be cautious. It pays to be cautious. Studies have shown that sometimes what is on the label may not reflect what’s inside the bottle.

Is it possible to feel happier by taking one probiotic per day? Probiotics should not be used as a substitute for prescribed mood-managing medication. If you can take one probiotic per day for at least a month to help ease your gut problems, that might be enough to make you feel a bit happier.

You may not need the right probiotic if the one you have tried isn’t working. It might be worth switching to another type.

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