WHY Become a DOCTOR?

Doctors are well-known for their ability to deal with high-stress situations and work long hours, sometimes even on weekends, in case of an emergency. Many doctors take pride in their perseverance and how it reflects their character.

Experiential MDs know that even the most difficult situations can be a learning experience. Many agree that this is part of what makes the job so fascinating. It can help think about how experienced doctors knew that it was the right career path.


We collected stories from doctors all over the US to find out what motivated them to follow their passion in medicine. We asked them what made their day worth it. These MDs said there are many reasons to be a doctor.

In an emergency, save lives.

These¬†words are not representative of the passion and drive doctors, and other medical professionals have for their work. Dr. Moshe Karp is a St. George’s University (SGU) graduate. He wanted to be able to save lives.

And Dr. Karp achieved that goal before his medical schooling was over. After completing his basic science studies at SGU School of Medicine, Grenada, he took a flight to New York City in 2017 to start clinical rotations. One hour into the flight, another passenger suffered cardiac arrest.

Dr. The medical student was immediately able to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and assisted ventilation. Dr. Karp continued for eight minutes, finally bringing the passenger to alertness with a strong pulse.

He says, “It’s very rewarding to be able help.” “I was considering going into family medicine, as you have close relationships with patients. But, I believe I thrive in emergency medicine.” Dr. Karp says that the experience on the plane taught him that emergency medicine might be where he needs most.

To empower patients to manage their health

Anyone with a smartphone and a computer can access medical information online. It’s now possible to perform a quick online symptom check and diagnose a condition without the need for professional consultations.

Although many doctors warn patients about the dangers of self-diagnosis online, others see it as a signal that people want to be educated and empowered to take control of their health. Barbara Bergin, an SGU alumna, says that there is so much potential to help patients “help themselves.”

She believes that the abundance of information available for practitioners and patients is a new call to action. Dr. Bergin states, “I hand out information, draw pictures and use my blog as a way to educate patients about their conditions, so they can better understand and help themselves over the long-term of life.”

She believes that her job as a doctor is more than treating and diagnosing what has already occurred. She is also responsible for empowering patients to take control of their health and be proactive in their care. It’s not always easy, but Dr. Bergin would never have it.

She says, “Everyday presents a new set if challenges, with every patient like a surprise behind it all.” Try to imagine a different career.

To play a crucial role in a rapidly growing field.

It’s easy to overlook the passion behind becoming a doctor when discussing the attraction of the profession. Even passionate doctors can question whether the 10-year-old investment in education, long hours of work nights and weekends and the stress of managing patients under duress can make the job worth it.

As an attending anesthesiologist at a private Los Angeles practice, Dr. Edna Ma helps patients have successful and safe surgery experiences. She can certainly cite passion as a driving force for her practice, but she also takes pride in her special role.

Dr. Ma states, “At the end if the day, it feels like I have been an integral member of the healthcare delivery team in some way.” Dr. Ma continues to explain that anesthesiology can be a technical specialty. She performs procedures like epidurals and spines.

Although job security is not a primary reason for many doctors to become doctors, it is a factor in some physicians deciding to pursue a career in sanity. While there are many ways to make a living, Dr. Ma says that medicine is the only career path that I believe can be easily automated or outsourced. She feels that her narrow focus has facilitated her long-term involvement in her field.


There are many benefits to pursuing a career as a doctor, despite the challenges. Being a doctor is about being surrounded by talented, passionate people dedicated to a greater purpose than their own.

So why would you like to be a doctor? Different people have different motivations, as you can see. However, as long as your motivation is strong and you are persistent in pursuing your goals, you will overcome any obstacles in your path.


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