Interviews can be intimidating–especially when it feels like your future career as a doctor is on the line. As a medical school candidate, you will need to get used to answering difficult questions. A strong interview performance can make or break your chances of getting an acceptance letter.

Don’t let the high stakes stress your nerves. You can do many things in preparation for your interviews at medical school. Although no interview is the same, there will be variations on core questions in most interviews. We will be discussing some of the topics that you should expect to discuss in your pursuit of medical school.


What would you say about yourself?

Many medical school interviews will open with statements similar to this one. Although it might seem like the easiest question to answer, many people find it one of the most difficult.

Strategic thinking is key. It’s not the right time to read through your entire resume. They’ve already seen it. Instead, you can use this time to discuss some of your memorable experiences and discuss your professional and personal goals. This is your elevator pitch – in 30 seconds, how would you describe yourself?

Why would you like to become a doctor?

Although this question is common, it cannot be very clear for students. Pre-meds often say they want to help others. The Medical School Headquarters points to the fact that there are many other career options for professionals who want to help others. You will need to look deeper to find your answer if you want to be different from the rest of the applicants.

Which college class was your favorite?

You’ll learn something new every day working in medicine through research projects or continuing education requirements. Medical schools seek candidates who are open to learning.

How can you deal with stressful situations?

Medical school and residency can be stressful at times. But that’s not the point of being a doctor. Admissions committees want to find promising future doctors, and they want students who can handle the pressures of medicine.

How do you handle a situation that requires ethical considerations?

There are often ethical dilemmas that doctors face. Interviews for medical school will often ask about difficult topics, such as domestic abuse, addiction, and end-of-life care. It is important to be familiar with current ethical issues in medicine before you apply for a medical school interview.

Which are your biggest weaknesses?

You’ve probably heard the standard answers to this question, “I’m too perfectionist” or “I care too much.” Interviewers will likely see through these responses. It would be best to highlight areas that you are working on improving instead. This will demonstrate your self-awareness and willingness to learn.

What would your suggestions be for addressing a health problem?

Questions about current events, like ethics-based questions, will be more specific than those regarding ethical-based inquiries. Dr. Jackson cites as an example that he was asked about HIV prevention and treatment back in his medical school interviews.

What do you know about America’s healthcare system?

Be prepared to ask questions about healthcare in general, not just current events. Patients and providers can be affected by any changes to the system. As a doctor, it is vital to keep up-to-date on healthcare trends. Students should also expect the same.

What are you most interested in?

Each institution has its values and wants to ensure that its students adhere to them. Do your research before you go. Take a look at the program’s website and social media channels to highlight any value propositions that stand out to you. Note the things that you are most excited about. These could include alumni success stories, clubs and organizations, or exclusive clinical experiences. Be careful not to exaggerate your excitement.

Have any questions?

This question is something we’ve all heard in job interviews. We usually respond with “Not really,” but when it comes to medical school interviews, be prepared with questions and follow-up questions.


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